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Ensuring all-round access

On construction sites access is a top priority. All contractors must be able to reach the areas where they are needed. To ensure they can, we provide innovative scaffolding solutions, abseiling techniques and qualified staff, which enable servicing, repairs and inspection of the most hard-to-reach areas. Without accidents, on time and worldwide, offshore and on land – in short, a logistical achievement of the first order.



Examples from our competences:

Scaffolding and access management

KAEFER uses innovative scaffolding solutions and abseiling techniques to service or repair buildings and plants which are difficult to access. Here too, KAEFER has made a name for itself with clients around the world for secure, accident-free scaffolding and punctuality.

The sophisticated scaffolding erected on bridges in Holland and Belgium attracted the attention of the press. Watching the scaffolding go up on the Algera anti-flood bridge of the Haringvlietbrug motorway bridge near Rotterdam was quite an event.

In recent years, KAEFER has set up separate departments for scaffolding in countries such as Spain and Sweden, to deal with growing order volumes. In 2005, we opened a scaffolding training centre in South Africa.