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Covid-19 adapted training in Hot Works

Sep 15, 2020

We offer Covid-19 adapted training in Hot Works!


In August, we have on two occasions trained employees from Processbygg Tjörn AB in Hot Works (Brandfarliga Arbeten). The training was Covid-19 adapted, among other things, by reducing the number of participants per training so that a safe distance could be maintained. We would like to Thank Processbygg Tjörn AB for trusting us with training your employees.

Hot Works is a training to meet the insurance companies requirments for flammable works. Andreas Frid Alerås is a trained instructor and has long experiance of fire, including being a firefighter in the rescue service. The training can be held both at your premises or at KAEFER's Education- and Conference rooms if desired. We use Equipment from HAAGEN - Bullseye, a digital fire extinguishing Equipment that gives you the opportunity to practice fire realistically without direct impact on the Environment. Time required for the training is 6,5 - 8 hours including coffee and lunch.

If you are interested in finding out more or if you wish to book a training, you are welcome to contact Andreas.

*We also offer Covid-19 adapted training in CPR, First Aid, Fire, Better Working Environment (BAM) and Fall Protection. Contact Andreas Frid Alerås for more information.

Andreas Frid Alerås

Andreas Frid Alerås

Operative HSEQ / Fire

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