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Reporting Channel KAEFER Compliance Helpline

The KAEFER Code of Busi­ness Con­duct defines rules of con­duct that en­able us, as a global com­pany, to con­form to legal pro­vi­sions, reg­u­lat­ory stand­ards and eth­ical prin­ciples wherever we op­er­ate. This not only pro­tects our cus­tom­ers, em­ploy­ees and so­ci­ety as a whole, but also con­trib­utes to the se­cur­ity of our com­pany against white-col­lar crime it­self.

The KAEFER Group there­fore of­fers its em­ploy­ees, busi­ness part­ners and cus­tom­ers vari­ous, in­ter­na­tion­ally ac­cess­ible chan­nels to re­port com­pli­ance vi­ol­a­tions. All re­ceived in­form­a­tion will al­ways be treated con­fid­en­tially and, if de­sired, an­onym­ously.

How can re­ports be sub­mit­ted?

  • Please use the KAEFER Compliance Helpline (web-based electronic whistleblowing system)
  • Contact Corporate Group Compliance
    Corporate Group Compliance
    281 95 Bremen

The above-men­tioned chan­nels are not suit­able for the re­port­ing of emer­gen­cies.

KAEFER Compliance Label

Watch the video to learn more about our KAEFER Compliance Helpline:

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