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Supporting your project from the ground up.

It may sound odd to say that any scaffolding job starts with a conversation. But we firmly believe in talking to our clients to find the best possible solution before any work begins. This may well involve traditional scaffolding, but at KAEFER, we explore as many options as possible to find the most cost-effective and efficient way to meet our clients’ needs.

Scaffolding is one of KAEFER AB's core businesses, and today we have 4 000 tons of scaffolding materials in Sweden. Our scaffolding fitters are trained and certified according to STIB and BYN, we can offer scaffolding coordinators and we have employees who are trained in rope technology. In order to offer our customers a high staffing flexibilty, we use subcontactors from KAEFER Poland and KAEFER Lithuania as well as other companies that we have worked together with for many years. All are established in Sweden with Swedish organization numbers according to Swedish law and regulations, they have their own agreement with Byggnads and have the same certification as our own staff. 


Jonas Wetterberg

Jonas Wetterberg

Business Unit Manager Scaffolding

+46 725 5116 98