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This years first eco cars are here!

Jan 14, 2020

This years first eco cars are here!


Today, we at KAEFER AB received our first eco cars for the year. We have changed our way of thinking and calculating so that environmentally friendly choices are easier to make. In the case of these plug-in hybrids it is cheaper for both the company and the user than with the equivalent vehicles without electric power.

Even if KAEFER’s business already is based on reducing energy waste, our short perspective goal is to decrease our negative impact on environment. In a longer perspective we will create goals that show a greater commitment. Can we be fossil-free and carbon-dioxide-neutral within some years?

We have been certified for environment in accordance with ISO 14001 since 2012. This is of course no guarantee that we because of this are good at environmental work. However, it is a guarantee that we have a commitment to continuously improve in environmental aspects.